With attention to detail, Tetrabytes go that extra mile.

Tetrabytes is solely run by me (Chris) and I, as a sole-trader do more than the bare minimum when you ask me to provide a one stop service for computer repairs, website design, computer upgrades, custom PCs and maintenance of your desktop or laptop computer.

Repairs, upgrades and maintenance for your computer, and designing your website shouldn’t be expensive. It isn’t with me.

Broken laptop screen - Laptop screen repairs are provided by Tetrabytes

Laptop Repairs by Tetrabytes

Is your laptop screen broken? Is something just not working as it should be?

Problems with your computer can be down to a number of things, from a failing or faulty part, to a software issue. Therefore, diagnosing what has gone wrong with your computer can be a tricky process.

At a low cost, Tetrabytes can mend it.

Desktop repairs - Tetrabytes replace faulty parts

Desktop Repairs by Tetrabytes

Is there a strange noise coming from the computer case? Is something just not working as it should be?

Just like with laptop computers, problems with your desktop computer can be down to a number of things, from a failing or faulty part, to a software issue. Therefore, diagnosing what has gone wrong can be a tricky process.

At a low cost, Tetrabytes can mend it.

Website design HTML markup code used by Tetrabytes

Website design by Tetrabytes

Whether it is an online shop or any other kind of website, at a very low cost compared to many others, Tetrabytes can design and build you a website which will suit your needs and provide a simple way for you to be able to update information on each page yourself.

Accessible websites which include all is becoming more important and I can include as much accessibility features as you require. All websites I design have mobile access included in its design, allowing for example:

  • page formatting to be altered to enable your content to be viewed more easily on a smaller screen, and
  • telephone numbers to be clickable to the visitor to call your number on the smartphone accessing your website.

Contact me to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements and obtain a free quote.

For an example of what I have provided so far, click on the relevant website logo below.

Logo for Squeeky KleanLogo for Unicorn Dreams Emporium
Computer maintenance on a hard drive

Computer maintenance

As with most things, maintenance will enhance the life of your computer, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, notebook or netbook. Give your computer a much service.

Maintenance can also highlight parts of your computer which may need repair, upgrading or replacement either immediately or in time.

Is your laptop running hot? Computer maintenance can help

Desktop and laptop computers use fans to keep them cool by drawing air into the computer from around you. Due to this, there can be a build-up of dust inside your computer over time.

Desktop computer maintenance is needed on a regular basis due to many different reasons, including this. Laptop computer maintenance is even more important for the same reason, as there is less room inside.

If your computer gets too hot, the whole computer could suffer a serious failure.

An overheated laptop can have particularly serious implications. Overheated laptops have caused house fires and burns to users (See this skeptics forum for more information).

Is your computer running slow? Again, maintenance can help.

As more programs are installed in your computer and others are removed, sometimes, there can be “junk” files left behind. Good maintenance can deal with this and it can keep your computer running as it did when new.

There are many parts to your computer, and all these parts need to be able to work efficiently.

Contact me to obtain a quote on this low cost service to help keep your computer run well for as long as possible

Confidential file recovery

Confidential file recovery

Computers often contain private information about the person who owns the computer along with others who also use it. When I repair your computer, information contained within your computer will be treated with respect.

In the rare occasion I cannot repair your computer, I can perform a confidential file recovery service and your important files will be able to be used in a replacement computer. Privacy and confidentiality will be maintained at all times before, during and after providing this service.

Computer upgrade - RAM Module

Computer Upgrades

Is it getting a bit hard for your computer to run the latest versions of software? Do you know that you need a faster computer but don’t have the finances for a brand new one?

I can upgrade your existing computer at a low cost.

Is it more file storage space you need?

Whether it is a laptop, or desktop computer, I can increase the amount of hard drive space available for you to store more files.

Is there a difference in what can be upgraded with laptop computers?

Laptops are a little limited on what you can upgrade. But, you can add file storage space. Plus, adding extra RAM boosting the memory available from 4Gb to 8Gb for example, will give Windows 10 a good speed boost.

With desktop computers, you can upgrade any part you choose.

Custom built computers - water cooled computer

Custom desktop computers

With a wide choice of computer build with Intel and AMD processors, along with the best quality displays provided by NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards, I can build a desktop to your specification and budget.

Let me help you navigate around the different options. There are so many components to choose from it can be confusing. Comparing reputable computer performance charts such as PassMark, I can give you impartial advice on what processor to go for along with what kind of file storage you may want for your needs.

With over 30 years of experience
Let me help you with your computing needs